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مشعل های صنعتی برای کوره های ذوب، ساخت مشعل گاز سوز، دو سوخته، تجهیزات گازرسانی، مشعل سرعت بالا، مشعل سرعت متوسط
Nastran1 Av, Industrial Park(2), Sowmesara, Rasht, Guilan, Iran
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In order to achieve its goals, Rahro Ideh Rayan Technical Engineering Company invites experts, engineers, technicians in the fields of combustion, industrial design, automation, industrial electricity, industries and precision instruments to cooperate. In the table below, there is a list of job titles, which is updated according to the need. All talented people are requested to complete and send the cooperation form according to the field and conditions. Obviously, the company will contact them in order of priority and time.

رشتهشرایط شغلیتوضیحاتتاریخ اعتبار
فوق دیپلم، لیسانس / خانمآشنا به مجموعه آفیس، اینترنت، نامه نگاری اداری، موجه و با انگیزهقانون کار و بیمه25 شهریور تا 30 مهر 1400
فوق دیپلم برق / آقاآشنا به برق صنعتی، ادوات صنعتی، مونتاژ تابلو و وایرینگقانون کار و بیمه25 شهریور تا 20 مهر 1400
مهندسی مکانیک / خانم، آقامسلط به اتوکد مکانیکال و 3بعدی، طرحی صنعتیتوافقی با توجه به تجریه و تحصیلات25 شهریور تا 30 آبان 1400

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​​Cooperation form
* The selected cities are one of the cities of Rasht, Soumesara, Fuman, Rezvanshahr and Anzali along with all the districts and villages inside these cities.
** The resume sent should be in PDF, Word or image format and have a personal photo.
*** If for any reason you were not able to send with the form below, send a copy of your resume to info@rir-co.ir.

Recruitment volunteer

Please pay attention to the validity date of the desired job. Obviously, resumes sent after the validity date will not be approved

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