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مشعل های صنعتی برای کوره های ذوب، ساخت مشعل گاز سوز، دو سوخته، تجهیزات گازرسانی، مشعل سرعت بالا، مشعل سرعت متوسط
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 Attending Metafo 2023
Rahro Ideh Rayan Engineering Manufacturing Company was present at Metafo 2023 exhibition in Tehran. This event, which introduces companies in the field of steel, foundry, metallurgy, furnace making and related industries, was held at Tehran International Exhibition Center on December 3rd to 6th, 2023, with the presence of the majority of well-known companies in this industry.

Design and construction gallery of gas stations
Rehro Ideh Rayan Technical Engineering Company is a designer and manufacturer of gas supply stations. The construction of these stations should be designed according to international standards and the capacity and volume of gas consumption according to safety and protection criteria. Construction and assembly of gas supply stations for industrial burners, supply of main items including tank and flat filters, design and installation of consumption measurement systems, pressure and volume control, flow and pressure transmitters, installation of leakage control safety systems with Siemens relays German and Italian relays, installation of safe gas shut-off systems, relief, shut-off valves, industrial automation and monitoring of gas supply stations for burners of melting furnaces, preheaters, cement and upstream petrochemical industries, installation of combustion analysis and control systems Gas consumption and saving. The following pictures are some of the projects of this company at the level of the country's industries.

Gallery of design and construction of fuel supply systems
Rahro Ideh Rayan Technical Engineering Company is a designer and manufacturer of fuel supply systems for industrial burners that burn gas, liquid, dual fuel, fuel oil and melting furnaces in the cement, lime, smelting, rolling, steel, etc. industries. Gradual and shock electric with working pressure of 200 mbar to 500 mbar, adjusting the fuel ratio and controlling the burner using governor and electric and pneumatic valves with high precision, using German, French and Italian brand products. In the photos below, some of the projects of this company are shown in cement, smelting, steel, lime, aluminum, etc.

Rotary kiln burner clip suitable for cement and lime industries

Gallery of industrial burners and melting furnaces
Rehro Ideh Rayan Engineering and Manufacturing Company is a designer and manufacturer of industrial burners for rotary pellet kilns, rotary lime kilns, hot gas cement, aluminum and cast iron smelting furnaces, tension furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, hot air production furnaces, Production of industrial burners of head recuperator and duct recuperator with different capacities. In the pictures below, a corner of the burner construction projects and modification of the furnace and burner structure are shown.

Gallery of burner and furnace control and monitoring systems

Rahro Ideh Rayan Technical Engineering Company is a designer and manufacturer of control panels for industrial burners in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual form. Circuit design of burner control relays such as Siemens, Germany, LFL model, Brahma, Italy, Chrome Shoulder, and world famous brands, design and assembly of fuel supply boards, design of furnace temperature and pressure control process with PLC industrial automation, design of industrial monitoring systems with WINCC software. Schneider, industrial HMIs, connecting the temperature controller to the computer and displaying the temperature and process on the computer for the operator, setting up all types of electric motors for supplying combustion air by contactor method, soft starters and Darios, installing a coupler actuator to the propeller valve to control the combustion air, installing Furnace pressure control systems are shown in the photos below, some of the instrumentation and control projects in the country.

Gallery of gas supply equipment and instruments
Rahro Ideh Rayan Technical Engineering Company is a supplier of gas supply and gas line safety equipment and precision instruments. All kinds of industrial gas regulators from the brands Madas, Medenus, Tartarini, Honeywell, Dungs and world-famous brands, tank and line filters with a gas line scale diameter of at least 6 microns, gas line safety equipment including types of shut-off valves and relief valves, all types of valves hub, lever, normally closed gradual and impact valves, manufacturer of all kinds of butterfly valves, motorized valves and electric and pneumatic actuators with on/off model positioner and 4 to 20 mA current modulation, all kinds of pressure transmitters and flow transmitters and Pressure difference transmitters from Chinese brands Leeg, Endress+Hauser, Emerson Rosemount, supply of Siemens, Brahma, Honeywell brand burner control relays, Madas brand control leakage relays, Siemens LDU, Honeywell, Brahma, types of igniation-trans, eye and spark ion relays , fuel oil and diesel regulators, all types of gas and fuel oil and diesel governors (gas/air ratio). In the pictures below, a corner of the equipment is shown.

Participation in the Giulan business exhibition with a knowledge-based approach

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